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How we met...


Byron and I met during our freshman year at UNCG. We became friends and hung  out in the same circles. We didn't start dating until 2004, after 5 years of friendship.


Favorite things to do together... long as we're together we're having a blast!


Favorite restaurant...


We are true "foodies" and are always looking to try new restaurants. Our new obsession is Dame's Chicken & Waffles...making a special trip every time we head to NC.




Even though we had discussed marriage, the proposal was definitely unexpected. We took the ferry from the National Harbor, had dinner, and on the returning ferry ride, as the sun was setting he handed me a calendar. The calendar was filled with pictures of us throughout our relationship. On that day's date, June 25th, we're the words "The day we got engaged." He proceeded to get on one knee, as I screamed, cried, laughed, and eventually said "YES" with uncontainable joy. Another couple aboard the ferry managed to record it all, which went viral amongst our family and friends. 


What's unique about our wedding day?


Our wedding day almost coincides with our 10-yr anniversary



Engagement Session

KeKe + Byron

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